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What the heck?!

So I just finished my last final. Let me write that again…I JUST FINISHED MY LAST FINAL! BYE BYE UNDERGRAD!

Now all that’s left is a few days until graduation. Say what?!

Where has the time gone? And I know everyone says that…but it’s true. Looking back, 5 years ago when I first started college, I could not wait for graduation and now it’s finally here. There definitely was a point in time when I wasn’t sure when graduation was going to come. Oh so thankful that it did. Honestly, going to three different schools and finishing in 5 years. It ain’t that bad. I’ll take it.

I have definitely grown so much from my first year of college (obvi everyone does), but it’s pretty cool to see how far I’ve come and to look at where I am going. When I started at Azusa, I thought I would have stayed all four years and graduated with a psych degree in hand. Turns out, APU wasn’t the place I was supposed to be. After freaking out and going to community college for a year, I knew I wanted to teach and Jessup had the best thing to offer me. I’m thankful for the times of the unknown. It’s made me stronger and more confident in myself and my decision making.

Clearly I must have grown more confident in myself, because I’m packing up and leaving the country for a whole year! I’m super excited for the end of this chapter, but even more excited for the coming ones.

Just four more days until I walk that stage!


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