I’m sitting on the plane to Spain, flying somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I should be asleep right now…but there is too much running through my head.

It seems so surreal that I am on the plane off to my new home. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s real.

The whole range of emotions has hit me the past 24 hours. I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. I’m so excited. Yet I’m nervous at the same time. The complete reality of the upcoming year really hit me.

Going to Spain was always something that was so far off…months away, but it’s here. I’m doing it. I know that this new chapter in life will be so great and so rewarding. I pray that I stay strong and fully embrace my new life.

I’m so grateful for all of the support I have had from my friends and family…I honestly would not be able to do this move without you. So…thank you so much and please keep up the prayers and support. You all are fantastic and I love you all so much.


It’s 3:10pm here in Madrid.

I made it! I’ve unpacked and had un cafe con leche and I’m about to head out and explore my new town. My goal is to take some pictures and post them in my next post 🙂 Yayy! I made it in one piece. Viva España!

7 thoughts on “España.

  1. Yahoo, glad you made it! Thanks for your blog and I can’t wait to hear about all your travels in Spain 🙂 Love you tons xoxo


  2. HELLO DANIELLE. You are in Spain now! I hope everything’s bright and beautiful. It seems like you like your kids and they’ll keep you plenty busy. I mean, you’re already teaching that lil girl how to stick out her tongue like Miley Cyrus, aaaaye. You’re a terrible influence, hahah.

    But I’m glad you’re flight was ok and more importantly, I’m glad you had wifi on the plane, otherwise how would you survive such a long flight??? we just don’t know.

    i’m hecka tired but i can’t pass up the chance of chatting up with my big sis on her shiny new blog. liiiiike what’s your fav food so far? what are the kids’s names (again)? all that good stuff.

    and i’m fine, like i said just exhausted. also. how much is overseas postage?

    love you lots wanielle


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