Mañana nos vamos de Cádiz! 2 whole weeks. So excited!

Not only are we going somewhere new, we’re going to be at the beach! Oh, one of my favorite places ever. ❤️

Looking forward to being in a new place and seeing more of this beautiful country.

I also want to say thank you for all the love I’ve received the past few days. All of the Skype dates and messages have meant the world to me. I love each of you and thanks for taking the time out to chit chat with me. You’re all fantabulous! 😘

2 thoughts on “Vacaciones.

  1. Haven’t been on FB or blogs much lately, but know I’m praying for you. Though our friendship dynamic changed a bit when we moved out of 1608, I still deeply care about you Daniella, and so glad to see the journey from The Lord unveil itself before you!
    Sincerely in my thoughts and prayers,
    Stanley 🙂


  2. Hi D, how’s your vacation going? Are they the type of family to take in all of the tourist sights ( zoo, museums, plazas, cathedrals) or they just kickin it on the beach. How are you doing? Have you met any new friends, adventures. You bonding with the kids? Mom says you can see Africa? Sounds amazing- can’t wait to go and see you! Hope you are well- we pray for you safety. Love you!


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