Au Pair Life · Spain


Is it time for school yet?

Didn’t think that I would want school to start as much as I do right now. Mostly because I want my kiddos in a routine. They are a tad crazy and summer has been good to them. It’s just wearing me thin…slightly. So for selfish reasons, school needs to start asap. Then I think life will calm down a bit.

Looking forward to Sept 8 when the kiddos go back. Yeee!!

One thought on “School.

  1. Truth be told, I look forward to school starting too. I look forward to the routine, no lazy long days. NOT!! But I hear ya girl. I remember those days. Keep praying and you can start your own routine with them. Have them read, play games like statue and how can zip their lips the longest. Haha! I will be praying for you. That The Lord will bless you and help you keep your wits. XOXO Mama


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