Positivity Challenge · Spain

My head hurts.

I’ve experienced this before when visiting other countries. And frankly I forgot about it before I moved to Spain…the fact that people look the same and yet when they open their mouths to speak….it’s a different language. I’m a week and a half shy of my 2 month mark (holy moly, time is flying!!!) here in Spain, and the language thing still gets me sometimes. Obviously I am constantly aware of the fact that I am in a different country. But sometimes I expect people to speak English, and then it catches me off guard for a sec. Oh well the joys of being in a different country.

I also did not expect the exhaustion from the languages. Switching back and forth between English and Spanish is quite a task. Props to all of the foreign exchange students and people who are bilingual. Thinking and speaking in two different languages…granted, I did sign up for this. I cannot wait for the day when Spanish is truly my second language.

Off to an intercambio bar tonight. We’ll see how that goes, beer and foreign languages? What could go wrong…

Hello in different Languages #hello #languages #communication

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