Au Pair Life · Spain

School Daze.

I thought that when the kiddos started school, things would be much more easy going. Boy was I wrong! Okay, maybe not completely 100% wrong, but things are not just a walk in the park now. I mean, yes we have a few more time crunches than what we had in the summer time, which leads to a routine! But the school year brings on a whole new set of obstacles. We have to get out of the house on time, get dressed and finish breakfast as efficiently as possible. Mildly stressful and chaotic in the mornings. Then the hours of free time and getting to be by myself. Soooo good. 

When Jaime and Eugenia get off the bus, they are crazy! I don’t know what it is, but they are sooo full of energy. It’s like they gave them sugar to chug right before they get off the bus. We play for a few hours and snack and have fun. I try and get them to run around and swim as much as possible! But when 7-7:30 rolls around, the next 2 hours are crunch time. Pajamas, baths, prepping uniforms and beds, and cleaning up has to be done before dinner. Then dinner is a time monitored affair…hoping that there will be less play and more eating. (I think that this tactic is slowly starting to work, thank the good Lord!) After dinner we get ready for bed and read stories. Around 9:30-40 things have finally calmed down. The quietness is almost alarming, but it is welcome all the time.

These kids are constantly keeping me on my toes. And even though they cry and whine and scream, they are still kids and  they are growing up. Despite all our daily struggles and frustrations, I do love them dearly. Those little stinkers…


Honestly though…this is my life. All the girls playing and wearing wigs and Jaime running through and photobombing. Fun times.


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