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Asturias Round Two.

So this post was intended to go up the end of August when we got home from Asturias. That obviously did not happen. Here it is now…a few weeks late, but better late than never! Recap of the end of summer vacation in Asturias.

We drove up to Lalo and Lala’s (Monica’s parents) house. I don’t remember it being so pretty last time we were here, but it was. I think that the familiarity helped with the beauty I saw in it today. They greeted us right away when we parked with hugs and kisses. Today, the 16th, is Lalo’s birthday. 71 years young. This time I spoke more with them and they both said how my Spanish improved and seemed impressed. Proof to me that I’m learning and it’s getting better! Ten points for me!
The house is set on quite a bit of land that is full of flowers, a green house with veggies and various fruit trees. We picked plums off the trees and ate them! Something I haven’t done in years 😄 Then Lala told us to follow her to feed the horses! Wait what?! I didn’t see horses last time we were here…but they were there, all five of them. 3 adults and two babies. Just one more thing that adds to the beauty I see here. As if the drive up through the mountains wasn’t enough….


Woke up to the horses neighing outside my window. Something I’ve never experienced before. After breakfast we took a walk down the hill and walked part of Camino de Santiago. It was so pretty, with the flowers and river. After lunch we headed to Salinas! Completely different from our city in California. Este pueblo is a beach town and has gorgeous homes just blocks away from the sea. I’m not sure what the classifications are for a black sand beach, but this beach was definitely on the dark side. Much more than Santa Cruz beaches, or the ones we came upon in Hawaii 😄 Huge barcos were coming in to port and we watched them cut through the water. Opposite of the boats docking was an outdoor museum of sorts. Flags with the Spanish pueblos, Spanish flag, and of the EEUU. Then there were huge anchors on display. There were a few look out points and the last one put us overlooking the sea. It was equally breathtakingly beautiful, windy, and slightly terrifying. One of the lookouts had a compass…so we stood facing the west and said hello to the USA. Hope you heard us!

IMG_2859  IMG_2953

#CorreEspana. New hashtag…imma make it happen. Unless of course someone has already done that…then I’ll have to get creative. Everyday I’ve run, I’ve tried to take a pic and document the scenery. I’m sad to say that I have failed pretty miserably. I’ve maybe taken five pictures while on a run…pitiful. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but while running I notice different things than when in a car, obvi. And the scenery I’ve experienced is drastically different from the neighborhoods of WG and Rocklin. I mean today, I ran past cows. And corn fields. And a river. I’ve definitely never experienced all three in one run back stateside.


Patience is a lesson I’m continuing to learn and struggle with and strive to have. Eugenia screamed her head off at me today. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time. Fortunately I had grandparents as back up today. Such a blessing having them home when this happened. In my experience, when kids are mad at you they have slightly irrational thinking, anything you say or do is instant no-no and there is nothing you can do except wait it out. Welp…so far nothing has changed, except for the fact that I’m being yelled at in another language. Fun times. #aupairlife
I’m constantly praying for strength and patience, especially in times like these. We already have a constant barrier, language (which is getting smaller everyday thank goodness!)…but during those tough moments I need an extra boost. Fruits of the Spirit, man!


Shopping must be part of an international language. Such as food, smiles, music and laughter. It brings people together. No matter what barriers language may create. Parents and au pair night out! We went to a mall and browsed (and bought) and just relaxed without the kiddos. It was so nice. Aside from me enjoying shopping, sometimes too much, I’ve realized that the times when I’m out without the kids, doing whatever, is precious and so much more appreciated. Free time is amazing! Since I’m living with my employers, I’m constantly with the kids, work never stops! IS THIS WHAT IT’S LIKE BEING A PARENT?!?! Props to all you parents….obviously I know I’m not anywhere near ready for that point in my life, but this has been another friendly reminder of that fact 😄

Family invasion part one. Having four birthdays in within a week’s time is cause for a celebration y fiesta! So we’re having a big party with friends and family at the end of the week. Today some of Jaime’s family members came up from Madrid to join in on the birthday fun. His mom, Virginia and sus tios, Enrique y Ana. One of Monica’s cousin, Elena stopped by with her sweet baby boy, Luis; and Jaimie’s godmother, Viso made an appearance as well. For a few hours in the late afternoon the house was packed with people. It reminded me of our family functions. Everyone is talking, catching up, and laughing…only difference was, I understood about half of what was being said. Try listening to one conversation in another language, that you have a general knowledge about. Notice how fast they’re speaking? (Do we really talk that FAST?! Yikes!) Okay, now try and listen to multiple convos, or multiple people in one big conversation….utter chaos going on. Aka less than half understanding, haha.

Cumpleaños feliz Jaimolas! Little man turned four today! Today was anything and everything Jaime. He loves fútbol and Atletico Madrid is his team. So he was gifted with his very own uniform. Excitement was all over his face! We played fútbol all day long and had a yummy cake for dessert. Such a grand day for him! Saw a donkey, chickens and horses on my run today, they were all just chilling, no pics, but they were cool.


Today ish hit the fan. I don’t know if it was the excitement from birthday festivities and gifts or what but both Jaime and Eugenia were nuts. Listening went out the window. Anything and everything seemed like a struggle. Timeouts were never ending. Thankfully we made it through. It was a long day, but we survived. Hope party prep goes smoothly in the morning. And again I failed at taking pictures while on my run…


FIESTA! Today we had a party to celebrate the August birthdays: mine, Lalo, Jaime, and Carmen (Eugenia’s doll). We blew up balloons, hung signs and cooked all morning long. Cousins, aunts, uncles, padrinos, madrinas, and grandparents. There were quite a few people at the house. The kiddos were running all over, playing soccer, chasing the cats and dog, jumping on the trampoline and getting their faces painted, courtesy of moi. It was fun celebrating with friends and family. A fun end to a nice, relaxing week and even greater vacation month!

Back to Madrid for real life and school!!



One thought on “Asturias Round Two.

  1. Oh how I love your blog. It allow me to share and see the happenings of your life in Spain. So thankful that you have been blessed with such a kind and loving family. I am enjoying the sights your share. Take more pictures please. I love seeing the kids and the places you’ve been. The place where you watch the boats go by seems like a place loves seal their love with locks. Eugenia wears Crocs! Haha! That pic is for Nancy. 🙂 Jaime loves soccer…..SWEEEEEEETT! He looks so stinkin’ cute in his official uniform. Futbol, yes! I love how you have kids that are not shy of the camera. I like the sunglasses. Strike a pose! Oh my dear you are beautiful and those kids are so blessed to have you caring for them. Hang in there, kids are trying and sometimes get the best of you. You are equipped, capable and have the “can do” attitude on your side. Your are also stubborn, they don’t know who they’re dealing with. So proud of you Danielle. Continue to trust in The Lord and lean on Him in all things. Love you, Mama


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