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El sabado era el fin de verano fiesta. It was a long day full of activities and fun and food. The party was potluck style, so there was so much to contribute. Lots of very yummy stuff. I made cookies with the kiddos Friday. That was quite the experience. It was mildly chaotic. But we made it through and only burned one tray of cookies.


Saturday was the day that I really felt like family. As if I hadn’t already felt like family here. Things felt really normal. I kept thinking to myself, this is my life now. This really is my life. I was talking with other people and was able to carry on a mild conversation. After lunch we watched a talent show put on by the kids. There was gymnastics, singing, dancing, jokes, and tricks. It was all super cute. When the talent show was over, all the dads starting throwing each other into the pool. It was funny and laughs were had. Then they started on the moms. Monica escaped upstairs along with some others. Jaime told me not to worry when I was getting up to leave. Getting thrown in the pool was not on my to do list. Lucky me, spontaneity trumped my plans. After I was thrown in, we all took turns throwing in the munchkins and just enjoying the day.

Something little, like being thrown in the pool and being at the party, was a reminder to me of how much my family cares for me. They don’t have to include me in things, but they do. I’m always welcome and they are always willing to help. They really are a blessing. Thanks God for picking the best family for me. Their kindness and actions are things that have truly helped my move here be a little bit easier. Slowly but surely, Spain is starting to feel like home.

One thought on “Familia.

  1. Wow! Sounds fun. Pool party, everyone being thrown in, my kind of fun. So glad that your Spanish family and life with them is beginning to feel normal. I cannot express how happy my heart is to know that you’re at peace, feeling normal and have found a new home away from home, with a new family to boot. Praise Jesus for this blessing.
    Grinning and a happy heart,


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