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Things I wish I knew before I moved to Spain. Parte Uno.

Being in Spain for a little over two months now, there are a few things that I’ve learned. A few surprises. So if you’re planning on making a trip to Spain, here is some of my knowledge. You’re welcome.

1. Be prepared to walk everywhere. Like everywhere. I mean I take the metro, but once you’re in the center of the Madrid. Only walking. The first few days my feet and legs weren’t too happy. Pay attention to the shoes you bring.
Side note to the whole walking thing…two months in and still NOT entirely used to the walking. What the heck?!

2. The double kissing. When I arrived at the airport and Monica picked me up, we hugged and did the double face-kiss thing. When you meet knew people, after not seeing someone for a little bit, birthdays, sometimes saying goodbye…face-kiss. Right side, left side. Don’t forget, or else that makes things a bit awkward. You’ve been warned heh heh.

3. The summer is ridiculously hot. Mid July we easily got to 100 degrees. No thank you. We have summers in San Jose, but man…I was not prepared for the 100s. Luckily the temps have dropped and we’re cruising in the mid 70s range. Yayyy!

4. Personal space. I’m not sure if this is something every European country disregards, but in the countries I’ve visited, there is much less of a personal bubble. When you’re standing in line, on the metro, walking on the street…people are right next to you. Most of the time, I don’t have a problem with this. But when a person is standing too close and they have some serious ciggy smells, or B.O. going on…it’s a little much. People don’t like moving out of the way either. I will legit have to run around people, because they will keep on walking. One time I might run someone over. Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that.

5. Eye contact and staring on the metro. I’d say especially if you are blonde and blue eyed, you’ll get some stares. And most likely they will not be quick, stolen glances. They will be full on stare down. The most uncomfortable ones are on the metro. When you’re sitting there and can’t just walk away. And every time you look up, some one is staring at you. I just like to think they are staring at my exquisite beauty. However this thought isn’t necessarily welcome when it’s late at night and you’ve got a walk home…but that’s when you come up with a game plan as soon as you’re off the train.

Stay tuned for more additions to this list. As I’m sure I’ll come up with more nuggets of wisdom the longer I am in Spain 😉

If you have any traveling tips and tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share, let me know. Sharing is caring.

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