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Good neighbors.

Another Blogging 101 assignment…

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

So I don’t necessary like commenting on people’s blogs. Most of the time it’s because I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to be repetitive. My routine is to just read them and if I think they are good, I’ll like it. Liking something is basically the same as commenting right?! Anyway, I followed through with today’s assignment. Here are the blogs I commented on. Check them out.

The first one:   Just as the title suggests, sass. I definitely get a kick out of it. The sassy-ness is fab. All jokes aside, I like the writing, it’s just like the author is talking to you. And I relate to that fa sure. (Plus, I like that she referenced the SF Giants in her most recent post, my home team!!)

Another funny one: LINE OF THE WEEK   Again the title does the talking. A blog of one liners. YES!!! I just found this blog today actually and was laughing maybe a little too much…haha. Plus these happen to be funny and perhaps even useful. I mean how can you go wrong with white girl dancing, pirates, and stripper dust?!

Third on the list: WHEN MY BRAIN FARTS  Funny title. Good posts. This blogger is also participating in the same “Blogger 101” course as I am. So it’s cool to read her writing and see her approaches to our “assignments.”

And last but not least: PACKING MY SUITCASE  This blogger has traveled to quite a few places. I enjoy her posts and reading about her adventures. It encourages me even more to go and see the world. Thanks for adding to my travel bug addiction!

Based on the blogs I listed above, I like a good title. I guess I have a short attention span, so your title is important. And if you can make me laugh or write about traveling, we could be friends!

What grabs your attention when browsing through blogs? What are the topics that interest you?

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