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I won something?!!?

When I got a notification on my dashboard, I was like “Sweet! Maybe a comment or a like. Or if I’m really lucky…a FOLLOWER!!!” But I think I got something better. One of my fellow bloggers, Mauvora, nominated me for the Dardos Award. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

Thanks for the nomination Mauvora! I’m glad you liked my title and stayed long enough to read some more! It’s nice to read kind words and get recognized for this little baby blog. Small gestures like these are exactly the types of encouragement I welcome! I’m really starting to like this whole bloggin’ thing πŸ™‚

The rules that nominees must follow are the following:

1. Include the Dardos Award image. Check.
2. Mention the blog that nominated me. Check.
3. Nominate blogs and the reason you nominated them. Checkmate.

With that being said, my nomination for the Dardos Award is Young & Twenty. Her blog was the first one that I followed when I began my blogging journey on WordPress. Her posts are short and sweet, honest and real, and sometimes random. But I like it. As a another 20-something navigating life, I like that she isn’t afraid to write the ups and the downs. Life is full of sunshine and rainbows, but not all the time. She tells it like it is and I definitely support that.


Our Blogging 101 task for the day…write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Yesterday I commented on PACKING MY SUITCASE. Her writing process is a process, but I definitely think it shows in her posts. I’m not sure if I can really commit to a major plan for my blog posts, but I’m going to try something. A few weeks ago I participated in a Positivity Challenge. This was mainly a Facebook thing, but I turned it into a series of posts. Because of that challenge I started posting on a more daily basis and I paid closer attention to life. I liked that challenge and how much more aware and attentive I was to my surroundings; once a week I’ll have a post about positivity. My Spanish classes will be starting up on Monday. I’m excited, but also not ready to go back to school. Granted it’s only one class, but I know it’s going to challenge me. I haven’t had a language class since my freshman year of college! Spanish class and happenings of that will also be included in the weekly line-up. Since I am here in Spain as an au pair, I’ll definitely be posting about #aupairlife and my kiddos. And finally, different things about Spain. It seems like every week I do something new. I’m always seeing different things. I’ll also write about those adventures so you (my readers) can see Spain through my eyes!

Well shoot dang, look at that…4 posts planned for the week. Leaves me a free day. Coolio. Can’t wait to see how this planning thing takes off.

Do you plan out your blog posts? If you are a planner, what does your process look like?

3 thoughts on “I won something?!!?

  1. Ohhhh Im happy you liked my post!! You dont really have to plan your posts, write as you prefer, as you feel more comfortable πŸ˜€ but for me, it helps to plan ahead, but of course, sometimes I have to change these plan because of something… a new idea came up or Im traveling and have to delay somethings! Good luck πŸ˜€


    1. I know that I don’t have to plan, but I think the structure will be helpful. I felt like I was coming to a “plateau” of some kind because all my posts are pretty random. So really, thanks for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

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