Blogging University

Sidebar dressings.

Our task today for Blogging 101 is to dress up our sidebar with widgets. One that is text-based and one image-based. I feel like I’m ahead of the game. I legit did this a few days ago. And I honestly don’t feel like switching it up, or writing a post about my widgets. Luckily, there was a small little blurb assignment at the bottom:

If you also want to publish a post today, we suggest a shorter-form post — a post of under 400 words; under 200 if you can.

Score. Here…we…GO! Spanish is hard, but I’m learning more and more. Everyday. I’m thankful that I get this opportunity. A year ago I never would have thought that I’d be living in a different country. My Spanish family is bomb. My kiddos are a handful, but I love them anyway. The SFGiants are still in it! #OrangeOctober. My classes start Monday. Back to school for me. I’m thankful it is now the weekend. Time for rest. Heyo me time. My family is out of town this weekend. So I get the house to myself. Peace and Quiet! Praise Jesus!

Look at that. 200 words. Boom! Nailed it!

Have a great weekend! GO GIANTS!!!

Go for it! SF Giants Orange October


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