Blogging University

Switch hitting.

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before.

The majority of my posts are long, wordy things with maybe a few pictures if you are lucky. So today, I’m switching it up…more photos and less words. Here’s a little snippet of things in my lyfe right now. Enjoy!

Madison Bumgarner brilló en la lomita al ponchar a 10 rivales. (Foto: Getty)I woke up to this wonderful news!!! #OrangeOctober #SFGiants

Gilmore Girls has been occupying my free time at the moment. Love this series. Years later, it’s still great.

Some friends and I have been talking about taking some trips. Places of interest: Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Morocco!

The minions know what’s up!


2 thoughts on “Switch hitting.

  1. Thank you! I am enjoying your blogs…..your doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to hear more from your adventures! What an amazing game it was too..Go Giants!! Glad to see you have some entertainment in watching TV, looking forward to some traveling and knowing that it’s almost Friday!!!! Have a fabulous weekend! Love & miss you ~B


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