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It’s the little things.

1. This weekend I was sick and in bed. Not fun. My voice got better then worse. However, the nice part was getting to rest in bed and watch tv (read: Gilmore Girls). Truthfully, I think this was my body’s way of telling me to chill and relax (messaged received). My Spanish mama was great. She made sure I was drugged up and gave me the right goods so that I could breathe again. Muchas gracias Monica! And it worked! Today I am much better. Better than I was all last week. Almost fully recovered! 🙂

2. Having friends in Madrid. It finally happened!!! Yayy! Having friends to text throughout the day. Friends to go out with on the weekend and during the week. To plan fun stuff with. Friends to make memories with and share funny stories with. Friends to practice Spanish with. Friendship definitely helps Spain feel more like home.

3. Sweet hugs from my munchkins. When they come home from school or being out and I wasn’t with them. It always melts my heart when they run up to me and hug me, or burst through the door and yell “Daniela!” Those are the moments.

4. Spanish classes. Although it is slightly challenging…I’m glad that Michelle and I are in it. Any little bit will help us. Our hope is that we will have enough of an understanding of the language to be able to understand a movie. We went and saw Lucy back in August, didn’t understand much, but got the jist. Maybe by the end of our class sessions we’ll be “fluent” enough to understand better, even if it’s a kids’ movie!

All of these things are helping me adjust better and are making Spain feel more like home. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am here. And that I still have 9 months to go. Whoa. That’s so much…but I’m looking forward to it!

One thought on “It’s the little things.

  1. Oh Danielle, sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well 😦 but glad that your doing so much better and you listened to your body telling you to rest! Will continue to pray for God’s healing….yay to having new friends in Spain, God answered prayers!!!

    Take care of yourself! Love you ~B xoxo


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