The San Francisco Giants celebrate after beating the Washington Nationals 3-2 in game four of the National League Division Series at AT&T Park in San Francisco , Calif., on Tuesday Oct. 7, 2014.

Honestly. It’s an even year. It’s my boys’ time to shine.

Living on the other side of the world has proved to be difficult. For obvious reasons. One of these reasons is baseball. Games are usually being played when I’m sleeping. I can’t watch it on tv or listen on the radio or go to a game (so sad!). This has really been a struggle. Thank the good Lord for technology and the internet!

This morning I not only woke up to a full Twitter recap of the whole game, my dad texted me telling me that we were in and we won! We beat the Nationals and the Giants are going to the NLCS against the Cardinals! Time beat some birdies!

Congratulations to the Giants! I’m so stoked and ecstatic! I love watching highlights and reading all the stories about the game. Words cannot describe!! I cannot wait for the next few games….we’re coming for you St. Louis!!!

#SFGiants #OrangeOctober #SFGiants #OrangeOctober#SFGiants #OrangeOctober


One thought on “GIANTS BASEBALL.

  1. Baseball is definitely in our blood!

    D, you wouldn’t believe it but I missed the whole game last night 😦 I had bible study and as I told your mom I had to remind myself that I made a commitment to attend, so even though I wanted to call and say I couldn’t make it….I decided to do the right thing! So excited for our SF Giants, we can do this….get ready St. Louis because we are on our way!!! Go Giants!!

    Love, Aunt B

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