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Tres Meses en España.


3 months ago I boarded a plane and headed off to Spain. I had a one way ticket in my hand and didn’t know when I’d step back on American soil. Today, I still am unsure of when my return to the states will be, but that’s okay. I’m trying to live in every moment while abroad. It is so weird to think that three months has gone by. That is just crazy to me. A year ago I had dreams of going to another country and starting a whole new adventure. Research, hard work, prayer and guts got me to where I am today. I actually did it! I made it to Spain!!!

Looking back on these three months, so much has happened. I traveled to the north and south of the country. I’ve met quite a few cool peeps: Spanish, American, German, Australian. I’ve experienced the Madrileño nightlife. Started taking Spanish classes.  Added to my family circle. Started planting roots in a completely different country.

It honestly blows my mind. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real; but it is. I’m so thankful that my Spanish family is amazing. It really has made my time here that much better. Friends happened and that has been a tremendous blessing as well. During my time in Spain, I’ve been stretched and pulled in ways I haven’t been before. Fully out of my element. On a different continent, with a different language. My patience, kindness, grace, and gentleness are things that I am facing on a daily basis. My kiddos keep me on my toes; the use of another language keeps me on my toes even more.

The longer I am in Spain, the more confident I am in my decision to move here. If I could go back and do everything all over again, I wouldn’t change my mind (except my packing situation, a whole other post in itself). Only three months in and I know that Spain has be a wonderful thing and thus far it’s been the experience of my lifetime. I’m looking forward to what the next 9 months have in store for me!

Foto del día 13-10-14 a la(s) 18.35Thanks for reading and keeping up with me and my adventures in Spain! Besos! xxx

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