Musica En Martes · Spain

Musica en Martes.

Going to bars and clubs on the weekends, you get a feel for the music. I think it’s funny that a lot of the music played here is in English. It’s stuff we would hear back home. There are some Spanish artists mixed in, and now I know the popular songs. Here are Spanish songs that you are almost 100% guaranteed to hear if you go out…

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Limbo by Daddy Yankee

La Temperatura by Maluma ft. Eli Palacios

Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos

Katy Perry, old school Beyonce, Top 40, TSwift, 50 Cent and Snoop, and classic American songs are all frequent on the set lists. The first weekend we went out, the bar/club we were at played Livin’ on a Prayer…and our small group of Americans belted the whole song! Sadly country music is non-existent in Spain. This is a major bummer, the Spanish are seriously missing out! Gimme a country bar and some line dancing!

Maybe by the time I am done with my year in Spain, I will have a favorite Spanish artist. So far haven’t found one yet. Although my Spanish mom loves this guy Melendi. Who knows, maybe he’ll become my fave…

Quien es su artista favorita? Always on the hunt for new music, who are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Musica en Martes.

  1. In Spanish countries, american music is veeeery common. I would was that is as common as spanish music. My favorite spanish artist is Natalia Jimenez, she has such a killer voice! Jesse & Joy are really great too.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll have to check them out! I like Juileta Venegas, but she’s more Latin/South American rather than Spanish…according to my Spanish mom 🙂


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