Confessions · Spain

I’m a complainer.

Such a simple sentence. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. I don’t think I’m a complainer ALL the time, but I definitely have my moments. Perhaps a better description would be that I’m a bit dramatic. Okay…so I’m a bit of both, dramatic and a complainer.

I complain about the smokers in Spain. About how I have to walk everywhere. That Spanish is hard. My kids drive me nuts. But all in all, these things aren’t really that bad. The smoking…not a fan. But walk quickly and pass the person in front of you smoking. Put your sleeve up to your nose and cover it. Problem solved. Walking everywhere…those hills…I’m telling ya. I’m going to have a nice toned booty and pair of legs by the end of my time here. But I do miss my car, and being able to drive. Will I remember how to drive when I get back to the states!?! Anytime you learn something new it’s challenging. I’m just being stretched in different ways. I talked about my class with my Spanish mom, and even she acknowledged that Spanish is a difficult language. Boom…es verdad. And granted sometimes Jaime and Eugenia are crazy, they are just little humans and still growing up. So even when they are stinkers, I try to love them, even if I don’t like them in a particular moment.

Don’t think that I don’t like being here in Spain. Please don’t think that at all. Because it’s completely the opposite. I really am happy that I am here and enjoying it. But there are always things that are challenging. And I am 100% a-okay complaining about them from time to time. Besides, not everything is sunshine and rainbows 24/7 😉

Do you have a tendency to be a complainer? Which do you like better…sunshine or rainbows?

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