No puedo.

Sometimes, I just can’t. Today was one of those days. Actually, both Monday and Wednesday were difficult. The reason being…Spanish class. Things just didn’t click this week. It was frustrating sitting there in class, not understanding what was going on. At our break I whispered to Michelle, “let’s leave.” Unfortunately, but fortunately, she was strong for the pair of us. We stuck it out and managed to get through the second half of class.

Those were my sentiments from last week. This week was a slight improvement, but still a challenge. And our profesora told us that we will have a small test Monday. Awesome (read with full sarcasm). Oh well. One of these days I hope everything will click. Honestly, I think it must be because today Grandma came over and we talked for almost an hour about her recent trip to NYC. Something has to be working up in my brain. Practice makes perfect, right? I hope it keeps on moving along and getting better and better.

Side note to all my Spanish talk….


Congrats to MadBum for kicking some serious ass last night. And good luck to Peavy tonight! Let’s go GIANTS!

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