Blogging University

The Best Of…

Or at least the most visited.

Our Blogging 201 assignment for today is to “Drive Traffic to our Archives.”

I did a little research and here are a few of my most viewed posts:

España. This was a short, little post saying that I had actually made it to Spain!

Big News. Here I officially announced that I would be moving to Spain after graduation for my au pair gig. I can’t believe that this was all the way back in April! It still didn’t even seem real that I was going to Spain at that point!

Who I am and why am I here?! A Blogging 101 assignment that just gives a bit more details about myself and the purpose of this little, ol’ blog.

In addition to this post, of some of my more popular posts, I added a “Related Section” to the bottom of each of my posts. It should suggest other posts to read that are similar. We shall see how that one works out 🙂

So, go check out those posts if you like! And I hope you enjoy reading all my adventures!!


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