Au Pair Life · NaBloPoMo · November 2014 · Spain

Crash and burn.

Whoops…so Blogging 201 ended Friday. And I can honestly say that I did not really participate all that much this time around. Oops! And I didn’t even blog this week. Things just seemed to pass by and I never got a chance. So let’s do a little recap of my week shall we…

Monday was full of Spanish class and studying.
Tuesday I hit the padel and tennis courts again. Still very difficult. Still don’t understand everything that is going on in the game haha. But things time around weren’t as challenging as the first time.

IMG_20141021_161137Wednesday…the cold that had been going around my house finally got me. Full force. Fever, sinuses and bed ridden all day. That was not fun. Once again, my Spanish family was great. Monica was great, she took care of me with medicine and food. Thank you soo much Lord for my wonderful family.
Thursday I was much better, thankfully. Michelle and I went shopping for our Halloween costumes. That was a fun excursion. We bought our entire costumes at Claire’s…let that one sink in 🙂 ANNDDDD….I woke up to the best news…THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!!!! Way to go boys! Soooo stinking proud to call you my team! And MadBum…yes yes yes!!!

John Rieger/USA TODAY SportsFriday the kiddos didn’t have school so we hung out all day. The sun was out so we played outside all morning until lunch. After lunch the real fun began…

Pumpkins have no significance here in Spain like they do in the States. I mean even if you personally don’t carve pumpkins, you know what it entails. It was a whole new concept to my Spanish family. After some careful thinking I knew that knives with a 4 and 5 year old would not be ideal. So instead of carving, my kiddos painted. It was still a messy process. Just a little quicker. And then that meant that mine needed to be painted as well. Not gonna lie, my heart broke just a bit because they painted my jack-o-lantern immediately after I finished carving it. Poor guy, didn’t even stand a chance! Oh well, au pair life. Am I right?! 😉

20141031_160936 20141031_164746

After we were done with the pumpkins it was on to the next part of Halloween, COSTUMES! Eugenia went as a witch, And Jaime was a pirate! Our urbanización had a little Halloween party for the kids with snacks and drinks. Because this was such an early part of the night, I dressed up with Eugenia as a witch…it was pretty great. It reminded me of when I was younger and my mother would dress my sister and I up for Halloween, with great costumes and full faces of make-up. Ahhh, good times. Great memories! So, all the kiddos dressed up and ate the goodies and then proceeded to trick-or-treat around the complex. At around 9pm things were dying down and all the monsters were heading home. So crazy…our Halloween in the States would still be in full swing!

20141031_175943 20141031_182302 20141031_200216

Michelle came over before we went out and we dined with my parents. Based on our dinner experience with them, I think that it is safe to say that they both liked her! Score 1 for the Americans! Haha 🙂 After we were done with dinner and done talking, it was almost 12am…just a tad later than we wanted to go out. So we got ready real quick, snapped a few selfies, then headed out to a party. Close to 2am we got to the party house…only to find out that we couldn’t get in and we couldn’t get in contact with our friend/party host. The one time we are on Spanish time and it bites us in the butt. Oh well. Luckily for us a few friends were at a nearby bar that had a live band. So we headed over and danced the night away. Literally…

20141101_003203 20141101_041846 IMG_2978

Muchas gracias España for showing us a good time this Halloween! Although it wasn’t like ours back in the US of A, it was still fun. Everyone was dressed scary…not a fan of that one, and we definitely stuck out with all of our glitter and our neon colored tutus. But we had original costumes in a sea of blood and guts and scary! Go us!

How was your Halloween? What are some of the traditions you do to celebrate this “holiday”?


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