Musica En Martes · NaBloPoMo · November 2014 · Spain

Musica en Martes #2

Country music is non-existent in Spain. Which is truly a shame. The majority know who TSwift is, and don’t get me wrong, I love her and I’ll probably buy 1989 soon…but she’s not the country music I’m talking about when I say I love country.

Give me some Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, FGL, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Luke Byran, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum. Give me a country bar with line dancing. Yes, yes, yes!!!

Right now I’m listening to country and it’s filling me with a mix of emotions. It definitely reminds me of summer. That’s when we go to as many concerts as we can fit into our budgets and schedules. As much as I love country music, I only have a few friends that share this genre love. Makes our friendships just a little bit sweeter. Listening to country music relaxes me when I’ve had a tough day with the kiddos. It’s so familiar and I love being able to sing along. Even though it’s a comfort, it also makes me sad. I miss the days of summer at concerts. I miss my friends that share my love for country music. It fills me with memories that bring happiness and sadness at the same time. So this is the conflict I have when I listen to country music. This is also the reason I don’t listen to it daily. I think it would play into my homesickness more than I care to imagine. Regardless of the homesick feelings, I am glad that country music reminds me of home and that such fond memories are associated with it. Can’t wait to be back stateside and hit my first country concert!

Lady A concert this summer

Do you have a genre, artist, song that is full of memories? Good or bad? What do you do when you hear that music?

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