NaBloPoMo · November 2014 · Spain

Stranger Danger?

Today’s prompt for NaBloPoMo is…tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.

Well, let me think…I definitely know that I’ve been extremely grateful to strangers while being here in Spain. Whether I’m lost and need directions or the willingness to speak English when I’m clearly struggling with my Spanish. But the story that I am going to tell you hasn’t been during my time here in Spain. This story happened about 4 or 5 years ago.

I was visiting Germany over the New Year to see some friends and I was on my way home back to the USofA. Now I was sort of a wreck sitting at my gate; the friend I was visiting was my boyfriend at the time. After spending a week and a half with him, I didn’t want to leave; especially not knowing when I would see him next. So little old me is sitting, curled up in my seat at the gate in the terminal, crying my eyes out as quietly and I could. All I wanted to do was board the plane and take a sleeping pill and sleep all the way home in California. As I’m slowly dehydrating myself (not really), this grandma and grandpa sit down next to me. After a few minutes, Grandma rubs my shoulder and asks if I’m okay. Such a sweetie. I tried to tell her I was fine, but she wasn’t buying it. She gave me some tissues and then politely waited for me to calm down and collect myself, watching me the entire time. Once I had calmed down a little bit, she asked me what was wrong and told me to tell her about it. Unwillingly and willingly at the same time I started talking to her and explaining to her all of my tears. She was just really sweet in a moment when I just needed some comforting. She told me that she and her husband were visiting their son on the base in Germany. So she could resonate with my emotional state. Thank you Grandma for your sweet, kind words and just a loving conversation. Normally I don’t talk to people when I travel, that’s just not my style. But in this moment, I was genuinely grateful for your conversation and this kindness that you shared with me. I hope you are well where ever you are 🙂 Strangers. Sometimes they surprise you.

When have you benefited from the kindness of a stranger?

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