Confessions · Dream Reader · NaBloPoMo · November 2014

Let me explain.

At this point in time, the middle end of November 2014, I have had a few blog posts that are either titled “Dream Reader” or tagged under the same name. I don’t know if I ever explained what those posts were about, but I am now.

It was part of the Blogging 101 course I partook in about a month back. The premise for the post was to be to someone, or something(?), that you wanted to write to but didn’t necessarily want to write it directly to them. So you titled it accordingly and then let your fingers do the talking. So my handful of posts have been to various people in my life. I know that some of you know who you are and there are others that probably don’t even read my blog, and I that’s okay 😉

I felt like there needed to be an explanation for those posts. Promise I’m not sad and hurting and missing you like crazy every waking moment, although it has been known to happen. These are just things that I want to get out there in the open. So don’t worry, I’m fine. Promise. Scouts’ honor (even though I was never a scout of any kind).

Thanks for reading and who knows, you might be the subject of my next Dream Reader post!


3 thoughts on “Let me explain.

  1. Hi Danielle,

    This message is being written on behalf of your Nana! She wanted you to know that she has enjoyed reading all your blogs. She is so proud and happy that you took this opportunity to travel and visit Spain!! Keep writing….she can’t wait to see you soon! Sending you tons of Love your ~Nana xoxo

    PS. Thank you for my Birthday Card, loved it!!

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