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Lost in Translation.

I have never seen this movie. I just knew there was a movie by this title. Guess I should watch it sometime and see what it is about. Anyway…

This is phrase “lost in translation” is a pretty common occurrence in our household. It’s completely justified and expected. My kiddos speak Spanish and I’m talking to them in English. For the most part mis niños understand what I say to them. They have a limited vocab when it comes to speaking in English, but those two know what I’m saying to them, even if they try to pretend like they don’t know.

However, we do have times when they don’t understand me or I don’t understand them. These moments by no means are my favorites, but sometimes you just have to laugh. Out of my two munchkins, Eugenia, my 5 year-old speaks the most. When she is talking about school or telling me a story and she gets so excited and ahead of herself, her words mix and it gets to a point where I can no longer understand her. She either sees it on my face and stops, or I wait for her to finish and tell her to go slowly and try again. I love that she tries and is so eager to tell me things. When she busts out the English, she blows me away. Sometimes she truly surprises me with her knowledge and the sentences she formulates. This is what I love about watching kids learn. Seeing things click and watching their faces light up when they realize that they’ve “got it.”

With Jaime, he has a habit of repeating himself louder when I don’t understand him. If I tell him I don’t understand, he looks at me and talks slower and louder. Thanks bud, that helps me a whole bunch. Haha! Just like his sister, when the English comes out I’m surprised. They really are learning a lot and I can see it making sense in their brains.

This experience with them has taught me so much already and I know they will continue to throughout the coming months. I cannot wait to see how “fluent” they are by the end of my time with them!

Throughout our moments lost in translation I can see myself improving. At times I even catch myself thinking in Spanish. When there is confusion in our house because of the language barrier, it’s definitely frustrating. Aside from all the frustration, I am glad it’s there, because something is happening. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to bust out my Spanish non-stop and confidently!

Have you ever had a “lost in translation” moment?



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    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!


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