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This post is going up a bit later than I intended, but I do have some good stories for you! If you don’t know, Spain doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Shocker, I know! 😱 Weird, only the US celebrates this holiday…anyway, Michelle and I decided that we wanted to bring the US to Spain and planned to do Thanksgiving dinner for our families here. My family was first, with dinner on Sunday the 16th. Boy what an adventure it was.

Let me preface this post with this statement: I’ve never cooked any part of Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve helped during the cooking process, but never I have I ever fully made any dish. So having to make the entire dinner for my family, that had never had Thanksgiving dinner, was a bit of a task and the pressure was for sure present. On our menu was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and a pumpkin pie. Sadly the sweet potatoes got cut because we couldn’t find them, but Michelle’s Spanish parents said they can find them for the dinner we’re doing at their house this coming Saturday! Yahoo!

Story Time! Michelle and I agreed that she would come over in the morning and we would get in the turkey in asap and go from there cooking the rest of the food. The night before, I was looking up tips and trips for cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Should we have made a time table? Our oven is tiny, we can only cook one thing at a time. What order should we cook things in? What is the best way to cook a turkey? I need a recipe for this and this and this…this process went on for about an hour then I realized prepared or not, Thanksgiving dinner would happen one way or another!

I woke up early Sunday morning ready to tackle the day of cooking. I was so worried about having enough time to bake things in the oven, that I made the biscuits right away. After that I had some time to kill before Michelle got to my house and I browsed again for the best way to prep a turkey. The internet man, what did we ever do with out it? Okay…another preface…I have a very strong aversion to touching raw chicken. So I was less than thrilled about the 13/14 pound turkey that was sitting in my fridge, but Michelle said she cooked last year with her bro thus I figured she’d handle the turkey. I figured wrong. Guess who had to pick up the turkey and rise it and clean it up a bit? Yeah this girl. Wasn’t too happy about it. And I was making sounds of disgust and wining. It wasn’t a fun time. Due to all my wining and those minutes of sheer terror, we have no pictures of that monster. Bummer…but I endured and we washed it up, spiced it and put it in the oven.

My kiddos were so enthralled by everything we were doing the kitchen. They wanted to be in there with us the whole day. I think it was fun for them to be able to see the whole process of dinner being cooked, especially the turkey. Both set of eyes bugged out when they saw how big the bird was!

IMG_2999   IMG_2995

After the turkey was chilling in our too small oven, we started cooking the other noms! Getting the potatoes in water and boiling was the next task. Apparently Michelle is a slow peeler because it took her about an hour to peel and cut a whole bag haha. Slow and steady wins the race, right? At this point Eugenia was in the kitchen with us. She became the official photographer, which lasted all about 5 minutes. I started on the stuffing and green bean casserole. We had to improvise with the green bean casserole. We couldn’t find Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, but used a powered mushroom soup instead. And crispy french fried onions had to be substituted for bread crumbs. Overall it turned out better than it looked. At home my mama makes the cranberry sauce from scratch, this year the canned stuff graced our table.


Last thing to prep was the pumpkin pie. At this point the kiddos switched places in the kitchen and Jaime was with us. I was mixing up the pie filling and naturally Jaime wanted to see and help out. So this happened…

IMG_3001Me holding him while mixing. #aupairlife

Once the turkey was out, the green beans and pumpkin pie went in. Everything was getting warmed up and put into the serving dishes. After a day full of cooking, we actually pulled it off! I could not believe it. Way to go us. And now we’re going to do it all over again at Michelle’s house this Saturday!

IMG_3005    IMG_3006

I am so thankful that my Spanish family is wonderful, and that I get to have this wonderful opportunity here. They opened up their home and have made me feel like family. It was great being able to make them a meal that is a tradition for me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with fam, friends, and loved ones! Be blessed 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  1. “Happy Thanksgiving” Danielle! I am so proud or you and Michelle for taking on the task of making the traditional meal for your families. See how it all worked out and thanks for sharing the pictures! Now you know that you can do anything and everything you set your mind too! We were so happy that we got to Skype with you yesterday, Nana said that you looked absolutely beautiful. Take care of yourself and we can’t wait to read your other stories!! Sending you tons of hugs & kisses ~love Nana & B ❤

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