NaBloPoMo · November 2014 · Spain

Poco a Poco.

Little by little.

This is my response to the question of how my Spanish is coming along, because actual progress is hard to measure. Part of the reason I came to Spain was because I had a basic knowledge of the language and was confident enough knowing that I would be able to get around; I wouldn’t be at a complete loss on the language front. Looking back at my first few weeks here in Spain, I know that I have made progress.

I can speak easier with my Spanish family and I’m understanding a lot more. Obviously taking classes has been a help in this area. Watching tv and movies and listening to music in Spanish also helps. Basically anything and everything I possibly can do, I do it in Spanish. Granted, I don’t do this all the time, but I’m making an effort. I’ve also noticed that my confidence level in speaking has increased, but only with my family or complete strangers whom I’ll never see again. It’s weird. I get shy and don’t want to make mistakes, but I have got to get over that because it’s all part of this learning process.

Any tips or trips for learning a new language?


One thought on “Poco a Poco.

  1. I have a Masters in Spanish– but I never really got over being SO nervous to make mistakes. Read books and watch movies in Spanish ONLY. this really helped me. and keep speaking it as much as possible! It’s so awkward but it’s the only way :/

    I studied abroad in Madrid and it changed my life! Go you!!


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