December 2014 · Musica En Martes · NaBloPoMo

Musica en Martes 4.

Tuesday, December 2. Time for another Musica en Martes.

Depending on where you are located, you may or may not have celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday. In the good ole US of A it’s a day full of family, food, and football; at least in my household. Since I’m in Spain, I didn’t get to celebrate with my family, but I did still have a thanksgiving. I actually got two this year! One with my Spanish family and the other with Michelle’s Spanish family. Anyway…the music portion. Generally I have a rule for myself that I do not listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the soonest I will listen to Christmas music. So this year was a bit tricky…I wasn’t home celebrating with my family and I had done Thanksgiving Dinner with my Spanish family two weeks before actual Turkey Day and I realized on the actual day of Thanksgiving that I wanted to listen to some Christmas music. I ended up sticking to my rule and waited until yesterday to listen to Christmas music.

I decided to kick off the season with one of my favorite artists, Michael Bublé. I like his regular albums and his Christmas album definitely doesn’t disappoint either!

When do you start listening to Christmas music? Who is your favorite artist or what’s your favorite song?

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