December 2014 · NaBloPoMo · Spain

Second Thanksgiving.

This year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my Spanish family and then this past Saturday the process was repeated at Michelle’s house. Since we cooked at my house two weeks prior we were feeling pretty confident and joked that we were seasoned pros. Clearly we are 😉 Like all pros we had help and this time our turkey expert was Michelle’s mama who is here visiting, score! Neither one of us had to touch the raw turkey and we were more than stoked about that fact. Mama Kendra handled that one. Muchas gracias!

20141129_195325                       20141129_202635

So we had an extra pair of hands this time around. And that meant that things went faster; yet slower at the same time. After the turkey was cooking away we got everything else prepped and ready and the next three hours just seemed like an eternal waiting game. It definitely made us feel like we were pros because we weren’t scrambling as much as we were the fist time. It was still fun and cooking twice this year has given me confidence, (perhaps false confidence) and I am thinking about having Friendsgiving next year when I’m back in the states!

Pumpkin and apple pies!

I’d say that my stuffing and pumpkin pie were pretty bomb. The best part was that I had never made either before. I guess I can follow the recipe! I was so glad that I was still able to celebrate even though I was on the other side of the world for my family and friends. And the family that I have here in Spain is pretty awesome and I am so thankful for them!

What is your favorite part of  Thanksgiving? Do you have a dish you love to eat or make?

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