Au Pair Life · December 2014 · NaBloPoMo

Sugar Cookies.

This is a day late, but no worries, better late than never! Yesterday was a holiday, which meant no school or work for the kiddos or the parents. I decided to make sugar cookies with my munchkins and then invite some of their friends over as well. That way they could do a fun thing on their day off and the parents could relax and get together.

I am crazy. I thought making sugar cookies, and trying to decorate them, with 6 children under the age of 10 was a good idea. In fact I thought I would be fun. Past experiences should have prepared me for this. Making cookies with my two has been a challenge. They are just so fascinated by the entire process and can’t help but touch everything and put it in their mouths. So that should have clued me into the fact that 6 children would be even crazier! I wish I could say it was smooth sailing from start to finish, but that was not the case. To start, I had to make two batches of dough so that all 6 had enough to make their cookies. We had so many different shapes, sizes, thicknesses. This made the baking times a science. Trying to not to have burnt ones and under cooked ones. After the cookies had cooled a bit it was time to decorate. I had some sprinkles for them to use and made a little royal icing to stick the sprinkles to the cookies. Queue the major mess. Royal icing and sprinkles all over the table, floor, hands and faces. Awesome.

Despite these small hiccups, it was fun and I know that my kiddos, all six of them, enjoyed it. Especially eating all the cookies. The bright side to all the chaos was that no one got burnt, except me, and there were no broken dishes. I’d call that a success! Glad I got to share another tradition to my Spanish family!

Do you bake during the holidays? What’s your favorite cookie?

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