Confessions · December 2014 · NaBloPoMo · Spain

The Year 2014.

When Christmas time rolls around people tend to send out Christmas cards and if you are really on top of things you send out a “newsletter” about your family and what has happened during the past year. Usually my family never gets around to sending out this life recap. Either my mom or I will start it, but we never finish it. And then it’s time to send the cards out without a newsletter inclosed. Since I’m not at home this year for Christmas, I figured I would write my own, and my TJ’s advent calendar activity for the 9th is to write a letter. So here is my review of 2014 🙂

This year has definitely been a full and exciting one for me! Back in January I was anxiously awaiting my college graduation mid-May. Looking back on the first 5 months of the year, I was focused on nothing else. I couldn’t wait for May 17 and to walk that stage. With college-graduation looming about, the question of what I was going to do after graduation was at the front of my mind. December 2013 is when I started seriously considering and praying about my options and what I wanted to do: teach, volunteer, work, grad school? In February of this year I decided that going abroad was my next step. After looking at countless missions trips and teaching jobs, I settled on becoming an au pair. By the end of March, I was set with my post grad plans. Everything happened so fast, with my job acceptance that I knew it had to be all God. This was the right next step for my life. I was going to Spain! April, May, and June flew by. Finals and my visa application was what was taking up the majority of my time leading up to graduation. May 17 was a day that I will never forget, but I also can’t believe that it actually happened sometimes. I actually did it! I’m a college graduate!


After graduation day, I had roughly 2 months left in California. During this time I had to find some small jobs to support my summer activities, book my flight, schedule an appointment at the Spanish Consulate for my visa, pack, and spend as much time possible with the people I loved doing the things I loved. June 17th I booked my one-way ticket to Madrid, Spain. After that, the next 26 days leading up to July 13 at 8am were jam packed. I managed to get everything I needed for my visa and picked that sucker up July 1. That was the last thing I needed to be fully legal and ready to jet off to Spain. The following 12 days were full of trips to AT&T Park where I got to see my beloved Giants, beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz and lots of food and drink with friends and family.

IMG_4306 IMG_4341IMG_4430  IMG_4364IMG_4458IMG_4479  IMG_4539 IMG_4548

July 13, 2014 my parents took me to the airport and stood at the security checkpoint until I was through. Standing in the security line, everything hit me. All the emotions of leaving my family, friends, and everything familiar behind hit me like a ton of bricks. This is when I cried. Realizing that I would not see them or be home for an entire year. I’ll admit that there was a tiny part of me that wanted to turn around and forgo my awaiting adventure. But I knew that wasn’t an option. I would not let myself come home, unless it was an urgent situation. I was going to stick to my commitment and see this journey all the way through! So glad that I told myself that, because these past five months have been wonderful and I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Yay SPAIN! Excited for the New Year! 2015 I’m ready for you!

If you wrote a newsletter about the past year, what would you include?

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