December 2014 · NaBloPoMo · Spain

The view from my window.

Today when I looked out of my bedroom window, I saw that the far off mountains had some snow on their peaks! This shouldn’t surprise me since it has definitely been cold enough for the snow to stick, but we haven’t had rain for a few weeks. Regardless, this small thing kind of reminded me of home. Back in San Jose, California there are some foothills/mountains behind my house. In the winter if it’s the right conditions, snow will be atop of those peaks. And it’s just so stinkin’ pretty.

      IMG_3078     IMG_3077

Seeing the little bit of snow fills me with excitement for Asturias, although I just checked the weather and light drizzles have been falling. No snow, yet…😏

On another note, sort of related to the snow…it’s an arctic tundra here!

That might be a slight exaggeration, but only slightly! 😉

Right now 30*F is what I would consider to be an arctic tundra, and it’s only going to get colder…judge me, I know I’m being a baby. I will admit that. The truth is, I was not made for this kind of weather. I just wasn’t. Okay, so yes I’m stretching my perils just a tad, but it has been really cold! I’m honestly trying to cope. AKA…staying inside under the covers, sitting by the heater, layers upon layers when I’m forced to brave the outside world. I’m glad to stay it’s helping. I mean if I was snowboarding every day…I probably wouldn’t be complaining about the cold. Since that’s not the case…arctic tundra whining it is haha!

What it’s like outside your bedroom window? And how do you cope when the temperatures drop?


2 thoughts on “The view from my window.

  1. My home town is also San Jose, California. I used to wish for snow down at the level we lived (in the east foothills). Now I live in Oregon and I wish for back home in San Jose!


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