Au Pair Life · December 2014 · NaBloPoMo

Christmas Performance. Round 2.

Today was Jaime’s Christmas performance and it was all the feels from yesterday repeated. Watching your kiddos perform and kill it is wonderful. Jaime had a speaking part and he was so calm and delivered his line perfectly. You go dude!

IMG_3121  IMG_3117

My shiny blue baby 💙

So of course the kiddos’ performances were in Spanish. (Duh, I am in Spain.) Granted it’s hard to hear kids when they speak because they mumble, have little lisps, or they are too far away from the microphone. Aside from those factors, I pretty much understood all of the performances! If that isn’t an indicator of my Spanish improving…I don’t know what is. Poco a poco!

What’s a small victory have you had this week? Let’s celebrate them together!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Performance. Round 2.

  1. Your boy looks so cute! He looks like he’s having fun up there. I am sure the whole hall heard him eventhough the mic was not that close to his face 😀 I’m not a fan of performing or speaking in front of a crowd, so I am sure he speaks better than me 😀


    1. It was amazing to me how well each of these kids did! I know they practice, but speaking and performing up on a stage like that at 4?!….I would have been terrified! And honestly not much has changed if I’d have to do something like that now haha

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