Au Pair Life · December 2014 · NaBloPoMo

The past 3 days.

Days 13, 14 & 15 🙂 All the drafts that I started…now they are finished and all posted together.

Working and living with children means that there is an automatic acknowledgement that you will be dealing with all sorts of bodily functions, being loved on, disliked, and the worst…

T E M P E R   T A N T R U M S

Last week my little girl threw a big one. Since I’ve been with my Spanish family I’ve had two previous explosions from her. SO NOT THE BUSINESS. It is in these moments that I just want to crawl away and curl up in a ball. I’m frustrated. She’s frustrated. Patience it wearing thin. It’s all a mess basically. How do you parents do it? Yikes. I mean all I can do is be patient and ride it out. Hopefully she’ll quit being so dang stubborn and we can get along better.

If you’re a parent or have experience with kiddos too, how have you navigated temper tantrums?

Days of rest were exactly what I needed this weekend. I spent a good portion of my weekend at home with my family. Sometimes you just need to relax, chill and be with family. Today, Sunday, there was a fiesta at school. So the five of us piled in the car and we went to mass at school, then party party. Well, unconventional party haha. Eugenia was a winner in a nativity drawing contest so her artwork along with the other winners were on display. There was a photo-booth and lots of food and drink. It was simple but fun because we all were doing it together! Aside from getting sick, this weekend was lovely.

What helps you to recharge on the weekends?

Christmas performances are this week at school! Eugenia’s was today and it was great. Loved seeing her and her classmates sing and act. Pretty good stuff from a bunch of 5 year-olds. Her act was “Pintar Navidad” and her part was a shepherd in the nativity scene. Monica made her costume and it was great. Reminded me of when my mom would always make mine and my sister’s costumes when were were younger.

There is nothing like watching the munchkins you take care of perform. I was just so proud and she did a great job. The sense of pride in her and her performance made it clear that they are family.

IMG_3092   IMG_3096

My little shepherd in green 💗

The first performance of the day was the “Angels del Mundo” and here is how the Americans were represented…



I laughed at this. I mean come on, it’s pretty funny. But we ain’t all cowboys back in da USA 😉

Are you attending any Christmas performances this year? School based or professional?

Phew…made it through…stay tuned for Day 16!


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