December 2014 · NaBloPoMo

Christmas Came Early!!!


To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. Yeee! Been waiting on it for just shy of two weeks. And I’ve got to give a huge shout out and big thank you to my mom. This is amazing. Above and beyond what I was expecting to get in the mail. Thank you for spoiling me and sending me so much love. You are amazing.

Now I tried to contain myself and take pictures along the way, instead of just opening everything up. I kind of succeeded…

When I asked my mom to send me stuff, it was just clothes, another pair of shoes, and my cozy LL Bean slippers. Not only did I get that, but she sent gifts and 25 Days of Christmas envelopes for me to open. So I thoroughly enjoyed opening 18 little gifts just now. It was so great opening all the envelopes. My mom rocks! I know that she had fun putting together my box, and I loved opening it and can’t wait to open the other ones.

Getting my Christmas box was just another reminder of the wonderful family I have and how much they love me. Thank you so much. I am just filled with so much gratitude. Having a piece of home here with me in Spain is just wonderful. Being away from family and friends is slightly different and a bit more challenging than I thought I would be. However, I know that next year I will get to be back with my family enjoying all the traditions I know and love. This year, I’m looking forward to the new things I’ll be doing to celebrate Christmas. Sunday we leave for Asturias and maybe if there is enough snow in the mountains, we might go and visit it!!! Yayyyy!!!

What is something that made you happy recently?


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