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Navidad en España.

This is the first year in my short 23 years of life that I have not spent the holidays at home. So naturally it was different and I was slightly missing my fam-bam. BUT…my Spanish Christmas was not too shabby. So here’s what I did this year celebrating Christmas with my Spanish family 🙂

We headed up to Asturias to spend the week with Monica’s parents. The north of the country is so green and beautiful. Surprisingly it wasn’t as cold up north as I thought it was going to be. No rain or snow either, which I was bummed about. But it made for some pretty nice running weather. As much fun as I had celebrating Christmas in Spain, there were a few things that were quite different from how we celebrate back at home in California.

One of the first things that was different about Christmas in Spain…the trees. Back home in California we have real, live, big, tall Christmas trees. The one we have in the house is plastic and maybe just slightly taller than me. Wahh. So I kinda missed having a real tree that towered over me. And the decoration process is not super crazy here in Spain. Simplicity is where it’s at. Definitely not an explosion of Christmas in the stores or households 😦

Next Spanish tradish that was new for me was Santa Claus. Not the idea of Santa Claus, but his role here. Now I love Santa, I mean who doesn’t?! A jolly man that brings us toys and goodies on Christmas. But Santa gets all the credit here in España. Every gift on Christmas morning is from Santa…I mean what? But whatever…my gifts from Santa were all just wonderful.

Christmas Eve we had a big dinner as a family with a lovely table spread. Wine, sidera, y cava were flowing and so many yummy sweets. Even though I was missing my family, I decided to Skype them Christmas night. It was nice getting to see their faces and talk to them. It was as almost as if I hadn’t left…almost. But once again I was reminded of how wonderful my Spanish family is. I was surrounded by love and family, what more could you ask for when you’re away from your own family?

How was your Christmas? What are some of your family traditions?

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