Little bits and pieces.

I’ve absent in the blogging world. I haven’t wanted to write about anything. And I figured that whenever I felt like writing I would, and I guess that is today. Soooo…..

The first few days of the new year were pretty cool. NYE was all kinds of fun and definitely one I won’t forget. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten over my cold that has been lingering since before Christmas! Booooo! And going out for NYE didn’t help it. Oh well. After feeling pretty crappy on the 3rd, I was happy when I woke up the next day feeling tremendously better! Naturally, I went out for the day since I was feeling better. My friend and I were shopping around and having a grand time just catching up after the holidays. 15 minutes before I am supposed to head to church, I go to grab my phone from my purse…only to find my purse open and no phone! Queue panic. We back track to the stores we were just in and ask if anyone has turned in a phone. No luck. So I go to church and Michelle tells me she tried to call me and my phone was off. Aka, whoever nabbed my phone turned it off and prolly ditched the SIM card asap so they could use the phone. I was super bummed and felt guilty, even though it wasn’t my fault. After I got home, I told my Spanish parents and they were wonderful and sprung right into action for getting me another phone. At max…10 days from the 4th I should get a replacement. Welp tomorrow is the 14th…still no phone. Booo! At least it was just my phone, not my wallet or passport. That would really be bad!

The holiday season showed me how blessed I am with my Spanish family. They are truly great. Sometimes my kiddos are crazy and difficult, but overall, I like those little stinkers a whole lot. This experience that I have had thus far in Spain has made me think about my future and what I want to do after my time here is over. Grad school? Job? Another country? I have no idea. I did look at grad school the other day though…yikes! Honestly I don’t know if I am ready for that. After getting my bachelors and before heading to Spain, coming home and going to grad school to get my Master’s and teaching credential was the plan. I guess it still is the plan. But the timeline of that plan is a lot more loose now. I know that in order to teach I have to go back to school. And why not get my Master’s while I’m at it? Two birds, one stone. A few things that I do know: I want to continue with Spanish, I want to continue working with kids, and I want to continue to travel. I think that’s a pretty good starting point. Hoping and praying that I’ll be able to move forward in life with those goals in mind!

If you’ve ever had a gap year or time off or graduated and wondered what to do next, how have you tried to figure what you want to do with your life? Open to tips and suggestions! 🙂


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