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Next week will mark 8 months here in España. When I count and make sure that I have the correct number, I can’t believe it. Time has really gone by so fast, and I only have a few months left here! Yikes!

Today, March 5, is going to a freaking fantabulous day! Today three of the abosolute best people I know will be arriving in Spain for a whole week: my mama, daddio and my aunt (who was like another parent growing up)! Up until this point it hasn’t been real that they were coming to visit. It’s been such a long off, planned trip and now the day is here. The excitement is building! The afternoon cannot come soon enough!

This morning at breakfast I was talking to my munchkins about my excitement and both of them shared their excitement of meeting my family with me. It just warmed my heart 🙂 Eugenia told me she was nervous but excited to practice English. Like stop it…you are too cute Little Miss. I am so looking forward to my families to meet. My actual blood family and the people who have opened up their home to me and have taken me in. Being an au pair is such a cool experience. My Spanish family is wonderful and they really have become family. We joke, laugh, love, fight, and live together…aka FAMILY. Looking back on my 8 months here that is what I’m most thankful for: the fact that I know have family on the other side of the world. People that I care about and that care for me. I know that this will make leaving so much more difficult, but I know that I will return and I will see them again!

Yay for family! So thankful to have such a wonderful group in my life! 🙂

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