Au Pair Life

Make My Heart Melt.

A few weekends ago I went out for the night and I didn’t return home until the next morning. Okay so it might have been the afternoon when I returned home. My friends and I went to breakfast after being out all night. #spanishnightlife

Anyways, when I walked through the gate to our house, my kiddos were outside playing and saw me come in and BOTH ran up to me screaming, “DANIELAAA!!” You two stop being so dang cute! After tackling me with hugs the ran off to play with their friends. This moment was one that makes it worth it. Despite the challenging times when there is screaming, crying, hitting, and fighting, I love being an au pair and I love my kiddos. When they hug me, snuggle up next to me when we’re reading, draw me pictures, it cancels out the times when they drive me nuts! Thanks little ones for loving me. Os quiero siempre. ❤

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