Gran Canaria.

Long over due. My Semana Santa vacation to Las Palmas was an entire month ago! So here is my recap of the beautiful island that I adored and want to visit again one day. Oh, and like a dummy, I forgot my camera at home in Madrid so all my pictures are from my phone. #quality

Some of the friends we made at the hostel took some pictures and were kind enough to share them! Yayy! I’ve got some actual pictures! Thanks friends 🙂

Let me just say that even though there were days that were cloudy, it did not matter to me. I was so happy to be at the beach and to smell and touch the ocean. The last time I was at the beach was this past summer, in the south of Spain in Cadiz. Back in August! 7 months folks! My heart was longing for the beach, so I was thrilled to be there after such a long time.

Although it was vacation, I feel like Michelle and I were constantly doing something. We went exploring, hiking, laying on the beach, cooking, playing games. Staying in a hostel meant we were constantly surrounded by people and that something was almost always going on. There was such a mix of people and languages, it was freaking fantastic!

IMG_5084   IMG_5092

Day one: Michelle and I walked all along the coast and then hiked up a hill to a look out point with a cross and got an amazing view!

IMG_5056  IMG_5057  IMG_5083 IMG_5054   IMG_5061  IMG_5093

Sunning and enjoying the waves occupied our time after exploring the older part of the city with some of our hostel peeps. We wandered through the streets, climbed the tower of an old church, and took in the beauty that was all around us. There were so many people surfing and trying to catch the waves, so people watching was on point!

IMG_5064      IMG_5088

On Tuesday we brought a loved tradition of ours to Spain…”Taco Tuesday”! We cooked up some yummy tacos and blended up some margaritas and were everyone’s favorite that night! It was so much fun to share something from home with our new friends. Of course, I have no pictures of us cooking, the spread, or of everyone feasting!

All of the following photos are from friends who brought their cameras and actually know how to take photos! 🙂

DSC_0009  DSC_0082 DSC_0096  DSC_0168 DSC_0238  DSC_0256 DSC_0320  DSC_0378 DSC_0417

My last day, we went to a different part of the coast and then up in to the mountains and got some seriously spectacular views! If I wasn’t already in love with the island, this was the tipping point. So much green, the mountains, the views. Seeing the sunset. The clouds, the colors. Everything was beautiful.

IMAG1555 IMAG1556 IMAG1565 IMAG1573 IMAG1657   IMAG1679

10511657_10205294953886034_1555307301689652299_o 11136154_10153251056562490_6891185247806497322_o 11136629_10206651763637644_4775779650179161055_n

3 thoughts on “Gran Canaria.

  1. Wow what a stunning island, thanks for sharing your Easter Vacation journey with us! Nana says she is so happy that your being able to see so many places. She can’t wait to see you soon….she also sends you lots of hugs & kisses xoxo

    I love you D-girl 🙂

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