Spain · Things I Wish I Knew

Things I Wish I Knew. Part 3.

Here are a few more things I wish I knew before I moved to Spain. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

1. Manners. For the most part Spanish people are pretty friendly and helpful. Asking for directions is pretty easy. Most people are more than willing to help you out, even their directions are a tad confusing and said with some uncertainty. Don’t be afraid to ask! People are usually more than willing to help out! Although the people are more than willing to help you, saying please and thank you for everything isn’t as common; I notice this one at restaurants the most and it also sometimes present in the house as well. Nor is saying excuse me or “bless you” after someone sneezes. Putting your hand on another person’s shoulder or arm and slightly pushing them to move to allow you to pass and ignoring a sneeze is the norm.

2. Fish and Eggs. Before moving to Spain I never really ate eggs, they just weren’t my favorite thing. I ate fish, but chicken and meat were more frequent in my diet. My, my how the tables have turned. I have learned to eat eggs here. And I have never eaten so much fish in my life. I’d even go as far to say that everyday we have something with fish or eggs in it. Sometimes we’re lucky and get both in one day 😉

3. Fútbol. Yes I knew before moving that fútbol was the preferred sport here in España, and I understand the game, I just wish I would have known more about the different teams and league play and tournaments. Lucky for me Michelle is a huge soccer fan so she tells me all about the teams and leagues. Madrid has two teams and you’re either one or the other. My Spanish family are supporters of Atletico Madrid, so by proxy I am too, but Real Madrid has Gareth Bale 😍  swoon. Plus since Michelle is a huge soccer fanatic and supports Real, and we’re always together, I hear about the team and watch quite a few games with her. So I’m Atleti, but also Real? That’s a thing right? Haha

4. Music. Not so different from what I am used to listening to back home. Yes the clubs and bars will play some music in Spanish and you learn those songs pretty quick. Before I came I looked into a few Spanish speaking artists, but they weren’t actually Spanish, so their music was not popular here. My Spanish mom is a fan of Melendi, an Asturiano artist, so I’ve grown to like him. There are a few others that I can listen to as well, but I still choose music in English over Spanish most of the time. And we’ve somehow GOT to get country music popular over here. Where are my country concerts and line dancing?!

5. Fashion. Europeans as a whole I think dress better than we do in the States. I would say that as a whole country, our fashion choices are more about comfort and function/practicality. For example…back in California I would run errands and go out in public in work out clothes, even if I wasn’t planning on going to the gym! Gaahhh! But here in Spain, I would never go out dressed like that unless I was actually going to work out. The Spanish people just dress nicely. They take pride in their appearance. Sometimes I like that the culture here is “dressier” but other times, I wish I could just stay in work out clothes all day, every day and not get weird looks. Thank you Spain for making me take a little more pride in my appearance and making step up my game. Maybe that is a part of growing up? Who knows, I’m refusing to do that, so I don’t know the meaning of that phrase 😉

After writing some things I wish I knew before moving to Spain, I think I might open it up to what I wish I knew in general…starting to run out of things to complain talk about!

What are some things you wish you knew?


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