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Time for Another Vacation.

Toda la información para viajar la Lisboa

This weekend is a 3-day here in España so that means everyone leaves Madrid. Which right now I certainly do not blame the people of Madrid for wanting to leave. It is starting to get toasty, and it happened pretty quickly…basically over the weekend. So in keeping to tradition, Michelle and I are leaving as well…to LISBON! Yeah! There are quite a few organizations here in Madrid that have trips and activities and we both agreed that we had to get to Lisbon before leaving Spain, so we’re doing it! Friday morning we’re headed to Portugal! This time I WILL remember to take my camera and take pictures!

Have you been to Portugal? Any recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Time for Another Vacation.

  1. Portugal is amazing! You are so lucky to be going there!:) You should eat pastel de nata, go to as many miradouros as you can, go to Bairro in the evening, maybe you are gonna catch some of the Out Jazz concerts in Belem… everything is amazing there, just walking around the streets is enough, I would say 🙂

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