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Reverse Culture Shock.

I have been thinking about this topic A LOT these past few weeks. As my time in Spain is winding down I’m beginning to assess what life is going to be like when I move back to the States. I am looking forward to moving back and being home, but I know that things will be vastly different and there will be plenty of challenges that I’ll be facing.

First thing, English. After being around a different language for a year I’m sure it will be refreshing to always hear my native tongue. But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss Spanish. I do love that I can navigate my way through a different language. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment, so I will miss that daily validation.

Driving!!! I cannot wait to be behind the wheel of my coche. I’ve missed it. Being from California, where public transportation is practically nonexistent, I fully relied on my car to go anywhere. And here in Spain, metro and bus all the way. Granted the system here is great because it is well developed for the city, but sometimes, I’d just like to get in my car and go.

Life as a whole. After living here for 10 months I can definitely say that I now have a life here. Family, friends, and a community. I’m sad for having to leave all of this behind in a few months. I’ve grown to care for so many of the people here. The silver lining is that I will always have a place to call home here in Spain.

The thing I am most nervous about is how I am going to fit in. Obviously time has passed and life continued even after I left, but I don’t know how I’m going to fit back in with everything. It’s going to be a true challenge. Figuring out jobs, friends, family, and overall day-to-day life. I have to adjust and readjust to my new/original life. Despite that, I am excited for the upcoming adventures that are on my horizon. This journey en España has been wonderful and I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had here. I promise I’ll be back to visit one day!

Have you experienced reverse culture shock? What were some of the things you dealt with?

4 thoughts on “Reverse Culture Shock.

  1. It was definitely strange coming back to America. There will little things that were surprising like I got super excited to have all my makeup palettes and getting used to tipping again. Driving was definitely weird too. But it was great being home!

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