Writing 101

A Room with a View.

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? Today, choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the backstory. How does this specific location affect you? Is it somewhere you’ve been, luring you with the power of nostalgia, or a place you’re aching to explore for the first time?

Pinterest, and the internet in general, is FULL of images of absolutely breathtaking places in our world. I’ll browse through the pictures and get a real itch for travel. My favorites are beachy or tropical pictures. My heart lives at the beach; anything with stretches of sand and clear, blue waters. I just want to visit them all. The pictures are simply gorgeous and I can only imagine what these destinations would look like in person. I want to see the world and experience all of it’s beauty! Looking at these photos fills me up with a sense of peace, pure joy and happiness. Being at the beach or in nature, I am reminded of God’s handiwork; how awesome that he created all of this beauty for us to see! Simply wonderful.

ღღ Tansania, Africa -

Where would you choose to go?

3 thoughts on “A Room with a View.

  1. Hi Danielle
    I absolutely share your thoughts re: the benefits of travel. It certainly reminds us that yes there are differences in how we approach life but there are many similarities in what we value as human beings. It’s so much fun and I admire your adventuresomeness. I check your blog out and think of you often. Take care and continue explore life’s mysteries. Best to you, Gail (your aunt).

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  2. I also have that desire to travel and see all of the spectacular places in the world. I live in a small seaside town, but the beaches near me are pebble beaches, and I can’t wait to be able to go to white sand beaches and watch the sun setting over the sea. I’m very in love with Italy too, especially the lakes – really anywhere with a good view and near water appeals to me. Hope you get to have many adventures in many beautiful places!


    1. Oh…I’d love to go back to Italy and visit the water. We just stayed in the city, but seeing the coast is definitely on my list of places to visit next time around!

      Thanks for the visit and the follow! 🙂


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