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Travel. Travel. Travel. I have got the travel bug! Lucky enough for me I went to Lisbon for the 3-day weekend here in Madrid. Although it was a quick trip, I enjoyed every bit of it.

We walked around and took in the sights of the city. Soaked up the sun’s rays at the beach, relished in the night life and watched a traditional Fado performance. Met some cool people and saw some amazing views of the city. Some of the sights we saw were the Golden Gate Bridge, Christ the Redeemer, Tower of Belem, and the westernmost point of Europe, Cabo de Roca. And we didn’t even have to travel to San Francisco or Rio!

Enjoy the pictures!

IMG_3207        IMG_3205 IMG_3200        IMG_3204 IMG_3203

IMG_5133          IMG_5135 IMG_5146           IMG_5147 IMG_5148          IMG_5151

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