Au Pair Life · Spain

All the Feels.

Right now as I am writing this my SBFF (Spain best friend forever) is boarding her plane back to California. It is so surreal. The past week we’ve been together and just hanging out; which is nothing out of the ordinary, but the next few weeks without seeing her on the daily will be different. Last night we packed up her clothes and room, and holy moly that was an adventure! Girlfriend had 4 bags and her carryon! Pretty sure she had more clothes than me.

Our past year in Spain was fantastic. I can’t believe that it is coming to/is at an end. What the heck?! I am so glad and so blessed that Michelle and I were both in Madrid together. After years without seeing each other or talking to moving across the world and doing life together. Thank you God for blessing me with a friend here. I know that it definitely made my time in Spain that much sweeter! This year has been wild and I’ll never forget it! So many memories 🙂 DSC_0089

This isn’t goodbye,  just I’ll see you later. Safe travels home and see you soon!


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