Au Pair Life · Spain

Barcelona and Roma.

My sister was here back in June and the two of us got to travel around. Yay for vacation time! Both of the cities were beautiful and I definitely want to go back and see them again!

Let’s start with Barcelona. We were there for only 3 days, but it was fun nonetheless. It was so different from Madrid, the proximity to the water probably helped this fact. The culture and history in this place is beyond wonderful. The food was equally as wonderful!

IMG_3271              IMG_3275 IMG_3277     IMG_3300 IMG_3338    IMG_3346

Next up was Roma. The history and food here did not disappoint either! My sister and I ate so much pizza and pasta, I’m sure we gained a few pounds haha!

IMG_3353      IMG_3360 IMG_3382     IMG_3393 IMG_3405    IMG_3430 IMG_3487      IMG_3493 IMG_5176     IMG_3515 IMG_3530    IMG_3562

We had such a fun time and I can’t wait to go back and visit these beautiful places!

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