The Power of Prayer.

So right now I’m reading two books, both shared from friends and I must say that they both are causing me to do some major thinking and evaluating about myself. Fresh Faith by Jim Cymbala and Fearless by Max Lucado. Anywho, these books have been comforting in the fact that they are about your faith and checking fear at the door. Things that I desperately need in my life right now; especially with my upcoming move back to California.

Tuesday I started packing. Ew, right?! Simply because we are going on vacation and I’ll only have a few days to pack everything, which sounded WAAYYY less appealing than starting to pack before vacation. So I figured “why not get a start on things and do my BIG suitcase of all my clothes I know I will not wear the next 3 weeks.” Well turns out I was pretty successful, and I think I will be able to fit everything into my bags (celebrate!), but it was a slightly sad process. After I got the big thing packed I journaled (something that has been seriously lacking my life recently). As per usual I recapped everything that’s being going on currently, and then wrote down things I’m struggling with or that I’m worried/unsure about. In Fearless, Lucado writes about taking our “cup” to the Lord for him to take care of. All of our fears, doubts, anything and everything. Be specific and to the point. This way we are speaking our fears and giving them to God. Well, I did just that. Wrote down everything I am feeling and then prayed about it. I felt more at peace about it after I was done. Yahoo! Then a few hours later I got an email asking for an interview once I return! WHAT THE HECK?! I was so excited! Just to hear from someone and know that my hard work of resume building and job searching is paying off.

Once I spoke my fears and gave them to God, I stop letting them have their hold on me. I know that no matter what happens, God’s got my back and I will be okay. Because he has always provided for me. Sometimes I need that reminder to trust and have faith.

The power of prayer; it works.

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