Au Pair Life · Spain

A Suitcase and A Carry-on.

When I left for Spain a year ago, this was what I left with: a big bag that I checked, a carry-on and my college backpack. I could have checked 2 bags, but my cheapie, college grad self was not going to pay for an extra bag! Surprisingly it was enough. Sure I bought some things while I was here in Spain but for the most part, my shopping was cut to browsing and all my money went to trips and going out with friends. Of course there were times that I wished I had certain items in my wardrobe. But I survived and made it through.

As I am starting to pack up and prepare for my move back to the states, I’m amazed by what I did “survive” with. Gosh, my life is so hard…having to live a year with only a fraction of my wardrobe! *facepalm* Anyway, as far as packing goes, I am trying to get rid of clothes that we not frequent in my cycle of outfits. Either sell it or donate it. Makes me wonder what is going to happen when I get back to my abundance of clothes in California, will I get rid of stuff asap or just love the fact that I have so many options again!? Who knows. Probably a bit of both.

Packing for a year made me appreciate the fact that I have clothes. And a lot of them. I had choices when it came to packing. I had to constantly check that I was under the weight limit for my luggage. I know that some people don’t have that luxury. And I know that I am incredibly blessed to have the life I do. I have more than enough and I have been given all of these wonderful opportunities to travel and see the world; something that I do not take lightly. What started off as a bummer only packing a suitcase and a carry-on, turned into a big blessing and reminder of the things that I have in my life. You’ll amaze yourself by what you can live with or without, I sure surprised myself.


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