Umm…Hi, You Should Hire Me…?!

That’s how you start interviews right? Well after a strong handshake first, of course.

Last week I got an email for an interview once I’m back stateside. Two actually! So stoked beyond belief that I’ve got my foot in the door somewhere. But, what the heck do you do in an interview?! What do I say? What do I wear?! What are the best things to highlight about myself?! Why should they hire me?!

Okay, minor freak out over. For now at least…

I’ve never done a real, formal interview. I have no idea what to expect! Any tips and advice is totally welcome 🙂

I can have some piece of mind now that I’ve got a starting point to jump off of once I’m back in California. But now, my Spanish family and I are headed to the south of Spain for the next two weeks! Yayy! Sun, sand, and surf! Once we get back I’ll have a few days and then I’ll be on a plane back to the United States! Crazy, that this reality is here now!

Happy Fry-yay!

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